Presto Day Bed Update 03-03-2021

To confirm my opinion, I spoke with  Robert King of the Federal Carrier Safety Administration.  Mr. King is with the regional field office in Baltimore, Md. We discussed various sections of the regulations that might relate to the Presto Day Bed.  49CFR Sec. 393.76 regulates sleeper berths however, according to Mr. King, there are NO regulations that would govern or prevent the use of the Presto Day Bed in a cab WHEN THE VEHICLE IS PARKED.  While the vehicle is in motion the Presto Day Bed  must be stowed in such a way that it cannot interfere with driver control.

There are other regulations that come into play however they relate more to the driver than to the Presto Day Bed.  Pursuant to 49CFR Section 395.2 (4)i, the driver should reflect his log to show that he is off duty while sleeping or resting on the product.

When a driver is using the Presto Day Bed in conjunction with HOS regulations, the driver must “log out”, not driving.

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