Presto Day Bed


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With over 40 years in the trucking industry, and first hand experience, we saw a tremendous need for drivers of day cab tractors and other types of work trucks to have a way to rest and relax during their shifts.  Too many times have drivers been slumped over the steering wheel, leaning against the window or in some other uncomfortable position trying to get rest.  Following a number of years of development and trial and error we’ve come up with the Presto Day Bed. This folding bed allows the driver to rest and relax when the vehicle is safely parked, and rejuvenate before setting out on the road again. Whether it’s a twenty minute cat nap or a three hour wait, Presto Day Bed can ease the stress of waiting while on the road.

Box size: 30x22x3
Gross weight: 20, net 17.5lbs.